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99% of price movements that happen in the market are caused by traps…

And trading the market is all about traps.

It’s either you make traps, or you get trapped by those who make traps on the market. 

It’s kind of similar to life in the jungle; you either eat or get eaten.

Now, here’s something important that you should know…

As a retail trader trading with hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars, you can’t make traps in the market. It’s just not possible.

And that’s because you run a small account that will not affect the market… no matter how hard you try.

Compare that to banks and bigger financial institutions that can make trades with millions of dollars.

These guys are thus able to make traps in the market.

And if you are not aware of these traps, you will get trapped by them, and lose your hard-earned cash. 

To help you better understand this concept…

I am going to use a real chart to show you a vivid example of how these traps typically affect you as a trader: 

What you are seeing here is that this market is ranging…

A closer look will show you that there is an obvious and strong breakout of the support level, which basically means the beginning of a downtrend.

Typically, this is when most traders jump into the market.

They’d ride the beginning of this new downtrend hoping to make some quick profits. 

But look at what happened next:

Can you see that the market suddenly broke out of the range?

And it’s now showing you a high probability entry. 

Once you enter with the breakout, the market flips direction and moves in the opposite direction.

Needless to say, you’ll end up suffering a loss.

This happens over and over again to so many traders that it becomes no longer funny. 

They start to feel as if something is wrong, but can’t pinpoint what it is.

Disappointment will spring up to replace the initial excitement they felt on spotting that downtrend.

At this point, another opportunity will form on other market like this:

As you can see here, the market broke the resistance level strongly and it is likely going to break out of the range and begin a new uptrend.

At this stage, your excitement returns again…

You don’t want to miss this opportunity and you jump to ride the new uptrend.

You place your buy order and you are confident that you are going to make money this time around without a doubt.

But look at what happened next:

Shucks! As you can see, the market furnished you with wrong information of a breakout to show you the way… 

Now that you entered the trade, the market changes direction.

Another loss.

Again, that feeling that something is wrong sinks in at the pit of your stomach.

You start to wonder whether there’s someone on the other side of your screen spying on you to watch your moves… 

But wait! 

Look again… there is a clear breakout of the support level, and this time the market will go down.

What most traders do at this point is to jump on the trade in order not to miss the opportunity and risk the chances of the market going without them getting anything from it.

So you place your sell order, and look at what happened next:

Here, the market changes direction immediately after your entry and went in the opposite direction. 

What the heck is wrong? You keep asking.

You go completely nuts.

But you just don’t know what happened.

You probably start accusing your broker thinking they are the ones playing games with you and your hard-earned money. 

You start losing hope and thinking of giving up because you don’t really know why the market is always going against you. 

It feels like there is someone who is playing games with you…

It feels like He tells you “Hey, look here… this is a good opportunity to buy.”

You oblige. But once you buy, the market hits your stop loss and goes in the other direction and leaving nothing behind but a trail of losses.


If you have ever experienced something like this before, you should know that you are a victim of market makers’ traps

These traps are what I have called the bank breakout traps.

So, exactly what is a bank breakout trap?

If my little demonstration has not yet clearly spelt it out to you…

The bank breakout trap happens when prices break out at a strong level, but then suddenly change direction. 

When the initial breakout happens, many retail traders – like YOU –  enter the trade in the direction of the breakout in the hopes of making profits. 

Unfortunately, these traders get trapped when prices reverse, resulting in a cascade of stop loss orders getting triggered.

The reason this happens is because market-makers enter the market as well, sensing what is happening, and act to put further pressure on price. This reaction evolves in a new trend in the opposite direction.

So they gain… while you lose.

This trap happens frequently in the market, in ranging markets as well as trending markets. 

It is not a simple false breakout. 

It is a market makers’ trap that repeats itself over and over in different forms and in different scenarios. 

It took me some time to study it and to finally realize that trading in these kind of market situations tend to produce a big reward compared to the risk when things work out. 

It’s not uncommon to consistently see trades exceed 5:1 reward to risk ratio… 

And this method of trading has become my go-to secret weapon over the last couple months for churning out big profits.

In fact, allow me show you some examples of successful trades I have made with my latest discovery: 

340 pips profit on the British pound and the US dollar H1 chart .

153 pips profits on the euro US dollar h1 chart .

177 pips profits on the British pound, US dollar H4 chart.

These are few examples of the trades that I take on a daily basis using this market-makers trading method. 

You may not understand the technique from merely looking at the charts now… and that’s because I have shared only 1% of what this method is all about.

Remember what I said about you keeping things confidential in the beginning of this video?

I don’t want to show the full workings of the techniques and tactics of this method to the general public because once someone puts this up on a sub-reddit this unique method will be grossly abused.

So what I have done instead is to create a full-blown course that will teach you about this market makers’ trap and how to ride them to make bank. 

INTRODUCING: The Breakout Trap Profits System

This course covers a market maker method based on the kind of traps we have already discussed.

These traps happen frequently in the market and if you know how to identify them and trade them, your life and account will change drastically. 

I know this and that’s why I am releasing this course to a select few people to allow them benefit from my knowledge of trading these kinds of traps. And I am hoping you will be one of those to take advantage of my generosity.

The Breakout Traps Profit System course includes 76 lessons (both videos and texts).

That’s not all you are going to get…

You are also going to get lifetime assistance from me when you join today.

That means you will have my private contact details so that you can reach out to me whenever you want.

My previous students have found that to be particularly helpful. And I am going to be doing the same for you today.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 500% discount !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join The Course 

Huge Skill1

By the time you are done with the lessons inside this course, you will be armed with the ability to open your charts and identify the market makers’ trap in mere seconds…

Huge Skill 2

You will have the nous to know when is the right moment to place your entry, your stop loss… and your profit target. 

Huge Skill 3

You will be able to preserve your capital and double it by following my secret principles of money managemnt . 

Huge Skill 4

You will be able to overcome fear, greed, and overconfidence by following a profitable trading system. 

Here’s what people are saying about the course

 Let me show you what’s in the course

The breakout trap profits system includes 6 modules and 76 lessons in written and video formats :

Let me tell you about my  Bonuses!

if you have ever taken any online course similar to this in the past, you will have noticed that this is the point where I’m supposed to throw in a ton of bonuses.

But I am not going to trick you with some meaningless “bonuses” like those crafty internet marketers usually do.

That’s because:

1. Everything that you need to succeed with the market makers’ trap method has been condensed into the course itself. 

Trust me, you won’t need anything else.

The only “extras” you will need are already inside you. i.e willingness to learn and follow instructions, discipline, and patience.

2. The mere fact that I am giving you my personal contact details for lifetime assistance is worth more than any other bonus you will get.

Usually, if you were to consult with me for one hour, you would have to part ways with $275 from your pocket…

That’s how much I charge for 60 minutes of 1:1 consultations.

But now, I am letting you hit me up for free with your questions as part of this course.

That alone is worth more than $2750.

Considering this and every other value you will be getting from the Breakout Trap Profits course, I could easily have slapped a $500 price tag on this course.

And you’d agree that even at that price this would still be a steal.

But today, if you are among the first 200 people to secure your spot, you won’t have to pay up to that amount.

Instead you will pay a measly fee of $59 ONLY!

This is a one-time fee and will lock you in for life – no hidden charges or pesky recurring monthly payments.

About The Course Teacher,
(Chris Leet)

my name is Chris. And like you, I am a trader who desires to turn in consistent profits from my trades.

Like you, I detest losing my hard-earned money in the market and coming away with empty hands. It makes my blood boil every time that happens.

Fortunately, I have mastered the art of turning in consistent profits from my trades, over the years.

Not only that, I’ve also taught over 25000 traders from all walks of life how to squeeze out consistent profits from various markets with pinpoint accuracy.

First, it was through a book I created and called The Candlestick Bible.

I created that book in 2018… and since then it has been read by hundreds of thousands of traders from all nooks and crannies of planet earth.

Many of these traders followed the strategies I carefully laid out in that book and went from recording frustrating losses to cranking out consistent wins from the market… in little time.

Last year, 2020, I put together another detailed program. This time it was on the strategy of demand and supply.

As of this moment, over 1000 people who laid their hands on that training are happily trading with good success rates using the methods I shared.

For example, there’s this guy from South Africa who sent me this message a few weeks after registering for the program:

Then there’s this guy who put the strategies he learned from the course into trading Crypto with an impressive success rate:

There’s also this guy from united states who called the course the best purchase he ever made because of how much profits he was churning out from his LIVE trades:

I literally get tens of these kinds of messages every day via emails and other mediums of communication where my students can access me.

Seeing these heart-warming testimonies from these traders makes it sound like I am some sort of trading magician who has a crystal ball that predicts the future, right?

Far from it.

If you already know me and my story, you definitely know I used to suck at trading.

Before I jumped into the world of trading, I was a waiter waiting tables at a small restaurant in my hometown.

I was being paid a ridiculously low amount of money that sucked the fun out of my life. 

One day, I learned in passing that I could become rich through Forex trading, and I immediately decided to give it a shot.

During the day, I would work my ass off at the restaurant where I was a waiter… and at night I would starve myself of sleep in an attempt to understand how the market


Because I had very little money…

I couldn’t afford to pay for signals.

Neither did I have the cash to pay a veteran in the game to teach me.

So… I tried to figure things out on my own by using free resources I could lay my fingers on.

With the hope that I was going to soon hit it big, I borrowed some cash from a handful of friends and family, and just poured all of it into trading to test all I was learning.

I lost woefully over and over again – it was like a bad music on repeat.

The constant losses grated on my nerves.

It felt as if someone used to espy me with a giant telescope and saw when I placed my trades, so they would mess me up every time I did.

But for some reason I refused to back down – I just simply refused to quit!

I spent hours and hours in front of my screen learning; hoping to hit gold… hoping that I’d get my Eureka moment…  

But I just couldn’t find that right system.

Everything around me suddenly nose-dived…

Because I was spending hours up at night and in front of a screen, I would report to work looking and feeling fatigued – walking around like as if a tractor was tethered

to my waist.

My life was a mess at this point.

Everything was changing around me.

Only one thing was a constant. 

My recurring losses.

I would find an indicator or a system that looked like the next big thing; it’d send a jolt of excitement through my veins… I would borrow money to trade with it… and I would lose everything in the blink of an eye.

There was just no luck for me.

Then one night, the worst happened.

My hitherto patient wife sat me down and after a long tirade and proper dressing down, she hotly barked:

“If you don’t fix up, our marriage better be over!”

Strangely, that moment changed everything for me.

I knew I had to fix up or my life as I knew would disintegrate and shatter into a million pieces that I would never be able to put back together again.

On the verge of divorce, broke, and hopeless I finally found a way.

And since then, I have never looked back.

Over the years, I have learned and mastered a truckload of trading methods and strategies…

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Why You Have To Join The Course ?

Would you like to learn how the market makers create traps, so that you can identify them

and trade them instead of being trapped like the 95% of traders who lose their money to 

these traps?

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  • You will learn to trade like a bank or other big financial institutions using the same strategies and techniques they leverage on to make money in the market.
  • You will make trades with very small risks and bigger rewards; some trades will exceed 7 to 1 reward to risk ratio and this is the secret behind the success of this method.
  • You will follow market makers footprints and identify traps, so making money will be like a simple game for you because you know the secret.
  • You will predict huge moves before they even happen, and you know exactly the reason why. 
  • You will become a retail trader with a market maker mindset.
  • You will arrest your annoying recurring losses and turn out more profits than you have ever had. 

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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

    When you get the Breakout Trap Profits course, you'll covered by my special 30-day money back guarantee. 

    This implies that if are not satisfied for any reason, within 30 days of purchasing this course, you can shoot me an email and request for your money.

    But here’s the REAL KICKER…. There ARE strings attached. You see, I am dedicated to getting you better results. So I won’t just let you walk away, no questions asked (like most other marketers promise).

    If you’re not seeing improvement, we’ll discuss your challenges, and I'll make actionable recommendations. If you still don’t see better results, I’ll be happy to give you a full refund.

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    • Lifetime Access
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    regular course

    One sentence summary of what they get




    • Lifetime Access
    • Immediate Start
    • Access to All Modules
    Advanced course

    One sentence summary of what they get




    • Lifetime Access
    • Immediate Start
    • Access to All Modules
    • X number of bonuses
    • Access to Private Facebook Group
    • 30 minute private coaching call
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